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Lucid Dreaming 

The most widely-read guide to lucid dream

Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming ? Lucid dreaming, word invented by the psychiatrist and writer Frederik van Eeden, indicates a dream where you are conscious of dreaming. thank to this consciousness, the dreamer can do whatever he wants in his dream and modify to his liking his own dream.

There are a lot of benefits in lucid dreaming. Some of them are the problem solving, development of the creativity, enforcement of self-esteem, becoming able to fight fears and inibitions, and the achievement of a sense of freedom and harmony in life.

Being able to lucid dream requires, first of all, being able to remember the dreams, and that's why you should keep near your bed a “dream journal”. Everytime you wake up write every particular thing that you remember from your dream. That will help you to learn the difference between the reality and the dream, and with practice you will be able to search,in your dreams, signs that might help you recognize that you're not awake. Those signs are called reality checks.

Let's now see some of the reality checks:

Reality checks are really important to have a lucid dream, that's why you should increase the number of attempts during the day. It's useless to repeat reality checks without thinking over an it is also repeating mechanically the same check over and over. Let's see some examples:
  • To read: a good check is to read something, look away, and then read back. In dreams world, when you look away, the words change.
  • To breath: if you can breath with blocked nose, or under water you're in a dream.
  • Watching the clock: it's the same as reading. If you watch the clock, look away, and then watch back the clock, the numbers change(this works more on digital watches).
  • To jump: in dreams there's no gravity, so if you jump, you take off or remain suspended in mid-air.
  • Watch yourself in the mirror: often in dreams your reflection in the mirror is distorted or replaced with something else, or even may not appear. Sometimes the mirror is very dirty and doesn't reflect at all.
  • Turn off /on the lights: If in a dream you try to turn off the light, even by force (destroying the source), the light doesn't turn off. Sometimes it can happen that you get in a dark room. Often trying to press the switch to turn it on nothing happens.

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